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Sound Investment Voice Studio

Welcome to the vibrant world of jazz singing – a musical genre with roots deep in American soil, steeped in the vibrant traditions of black music. Exploring its history and traditions isn't just educational; it's a journey that enriches the soul.

Welcome to my online studio - Sound Investment Voice Studio

SIVS is a place where you can dive headfirst into the rich tapestry of jazz culture, discovering how to perform with heartfelt authenticity while honoring the timeless traditions that make jazz an integral part of America's music and history.

Ever dreamt of delving into the world of jazz singing but were unsure where to start?

Or perhaps you're eager to explore the art of improvisation and scatting? Look no further – I'm here to be your guide on this musical journey.

Even if you're already a seasoned jazz vocalist, maybe you're yearning to master the craft of crafting your own lead sheets, writing intros and tags, or effectively communicating your musical vision to the band when on the band stand. Whatever your aspirations may be, I'm here to make those dreams a reality. 

Additionally, I'm thrilled to now offer teacher training sessions designed to inspire confidence and enthusiasm for expanding studio offerings to include jazz studies. Together, we'll embark on a journey of growth, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to confidently share the joy of jazz with your students.

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