Commercial Voice Studies

Students who take lessons/classes online MUST have: 

 a wired ethernet connection to optimize the experience


USB mic OR Audio interface and XLR mic

Mic stand (either a full stand or desk mount)

a computer with a MINIMUM 4-core processor

For an idea of what you might need for lessons, here is a link to a sweet package with wired headphones, an audio interface, mic, and mic mount from a fantastic company: 


All prospective students should contact me via the CONTACT ME page and email me and let me know of their interest.  I will then send you instructions on how to submit two short videos of you singing and will ask you to complete a questionnaire for me to review. The purpose behind the videos and questionnaire is to make sure we are a good fit.  (The videos don't have to be fancy - something done with a karaoke track and your phone will work fine.)

If I feel we will be a good fit, you will order your equipment and we will schedule your TECH SESSION which will be conducted over ZOOM or a similar platform. This session is 60-90 minutes in duration and is complimentary.  During this session, we will set up and optimize your tech.

It's important to have equipment for a successful online lesson but additionally, if you are studying commercial music, you will need to learn mic and recording techniques and this is the perfect way to get started!


  •  Package #1: "Three/Four Time" $255 - Three one-hour sessions

  • Package #2: "Take Five" -  $415 - Five one-hour sessions

  • Package #3:  "Seven Steps to Heaven" - $560 - Seven one-hour sessions

  • SOLO SPOTLIGHT SESSION - $100 - 1, one-hour session

Lessons must be paid for in full before booking and the package must be completed 6 months from the purchase date. NO REFUNDS so plan carefully.