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Welcome to the Studio

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Relax. Take a breath. You found me. 

AND.... you found me because you fit one or more of the following descriptions:

  • You were trained as a classical vocalist and want to sing commercial styles but don’t know how to find your mix

  • You wanna sing jazz but terms like “swing-feel” or the idea of talking to a band about intros and tags, picking the right keys, and 'sitting in’ freaks you out

  • You don't have a clue how to start working on improvisation

  • You are already a working professional and you are feeling fatigued during or after your gigs/shows and you need to figure out how to keep singing without losing your voice. You need a vocal hygiene plan.

Well.....I'VE GOT YOU

I KNOW singers because I am a singer and most importantly, I’ve been where you are.

My area of expertise is helping classically trained singers transition to sing jazz and other commercial styles.

Why is this my focus? Because...

  • I don’t want anyone to have the experience of being told “You sound too trained”, or feel the panic of being onstage and getting lost in the changes.

  • I don't want you to feel as though you "swing like a rusty gate"

  • I don't want you to worry about having the vocal stamina to make it through your sets


I work with established professionals AND serious goal-oriented vocalists who are looking for instruction in jazz and musical theatre styles.


To help clients create an AUTHENTIC and healthy sound IN THEIR CHOSEN genre (no cookie-cutter singers please…although I DO like cookies), help clients learn “the ropes”, and help them prepare to enter the music business with confidence


In my client-focused sessions, we cover everything from vocal technique, vocal hygiene, audition preparation, theory, preparing lead sheets, preparing you to sit in, putting together setlists, or just about any other topic you need/want to cover to get you the gig…OR get you through the gig.